First Chosen One

27 May 16

New Members: Anine, Fina
Level Ups: Crissy (3), Fanyxia (3), Hotaru (5), rosielouise (4), Shell (5)
Masters: Hotaru (act-summerglau), Marina (aaou-wandamaximoff), rosielouise (btvs-walkthroughthefire), Shell (angel-fredburkle)
Game Updates: Weekly, Biweekly

New Decks

You may take 4 cards from the new decks, no more than 2 per deck. You can also take an extra card if you donated the images.

Congratulations to Shell who has become our first Chosen One, winning with 175 points! You can find your reward via your panel! Shell, you may also take one extra card from each update from now until a new Chosen One is called. Well done to Hotaru who was a close runner up with 160 points. Those members who gained over 100 points will also receive a small reward! The final leaderboard can be found here. I have reset everyone's points ready for round 2, which will run until 26th August!

And... congratulations to Crissy who has won this month's Raffle!! You can find your reward via your member panel. A total of 73 tickets were bought for this round which is amazing!

The third Member's Deck has been released! If you donated towards it you may take one card featuring an image you donated!

I'm afraid there won't be an update next week as I will be taking my final university exams! You may play the weekly games next week as they're all automated, and I will try to pop online and update the bingo if possible. After my exams I will have a few weeks break where I'll be able to devote some real time to Prophecy!

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